Do you wish your children would eat more and say "yuk" less?
Are you sick of having to hide veggies so your kids eat them?
Are you concerned that your kids aren't meeting their  nutrition needs?
When working with families I see
a few recurring habits that lead to fussier kids! 

There are some simple changes you can apply to transform your kid's attitude to food and expand the foods they will eat!
Would you like to learn:

A simple trick to get your kids to to expand their palate without a war!
A must-do family ritual to
develop healthy food habits!
A sure fire way to have your kids
munching on fresh produce!
The dinner time approach that will
un-fuss your fussy eaters!
Hi, I'm Jessica Donovan

Naturopath, Mama of 2 and founder of Energetic Mama
I can't wait to help you BOOST yourkids nutrition and health with these simple and effective strategies!

Feeding kids SHOULDN'T be hard but you don't have the time (or patience) to figure it out all by yourself.

Let me help you................

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Here's what other mums are saying about the course

"I would just like to say 'thank you' to for everything so far. I'm a super busy mum and have taken so much inspiration from all the lessons. I watch all your lessons and every night we have all been trying new things." - Lysie

"I just wanted to say thank you! I drew so much inspiration and motivation from the course" - Stacy
" I have to share how pleased I am with Miss 10 this week! Yesterday she declined a packet of 2 minute noodles at a friends house and today she placed asparagus and pomegranate in the trolley at the farmers market!" - Leisa
My son just ate a boiled egg! No biggy some people would say but to us that is huge! - Charo
I want to say thankyou for inspiring my kids. My 10yo completely and proudly made dinner tonight, leaving me free to do a huge pile of school paperwork. Her own invention- tuna and corn soup, with dinner rolls. Not as many veggies as I would've liked, but she's done an awesome job. Elizabeth
I would usually make Miss 2 her own easy lunch and let her eat it at her little table in TV room. So today I turned off her show made extra salad and we ate together in the kitchen. She even tried mini asparagus! (Couldn't believe she ate it). Emma

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